The Stone by NewTrials

The Stone, by Digidynasty

The Stone is the 4th dark force that Sakura encounters in the New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura and Friends. It is captured in Chapter 3: Of Ghosts and Statues and Quarrels.


As Sakura, Syaoran, Meilin, and Tomoyo are running laps during PE class, they discover that everyone around them is turning to stone. Syaoran then spots an old man in a cloak throwing sand at people, which upon contact, turns them into statue figures. The gang follows the old man, who heads into town and turns even more people, including Yukito and Touya , into stone. As they come near the dark force, Meilin gets hit by the sand and freezes up. Afterwards, Syaoran attempts to slash his sword down upon the old man, but not before coming into contact with the sand and then finally turning into a stone statue as well. Releasing her staff, Sakura sends out the Watery, which dissolves all of the sand. Sakura then is able to seal the Stone. Afterwards, everyone turns back to normal, with no recollection of the occurrence (except Syaoran who had only been a statue for a short period of time).


Appearance: An old gnarled man dressed in a grayish cloak carrying a bag of sand.

Abilities/Powers: Flings sand which turns anything in contact with it to stone.

Weakness: Water