From Cardcaptor SakuraEdit

(in Alphabetical order)

The Arrow

The Big

The Bubbles

The Change

The Cloud

The Create

The Dark

The Dash

The Dream

The Earthy

The Erase

The Fight

The Firey

The Float

The Flower

The Fly

The Freeze

The Glow

The Hope

The Illusion

The Jump

The Libra

The Light

The Little

The Lock

The Loop

The Maze

The Mirror

The Mist

The Move

The Nameless

The Nothing

The Power

The Rain

The Return

The Sand

The Shadow

The Shield

The Shot

The Silent

The Sleep

The Snow

The Song

The Storm

The Sweet

The Sword

The Through

The Thunder

The Time

The Twin

The Voice

The Watery

The Wave (not shown in Cardcaptor Sakura, but captured in New Trials)

The Windy

The Wood

From New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura and Friends (as of Chapter 71)Edit

(in order of appearance) Note: Credit goes to Kirei Blossom for compiling this list.

Arc 1Edit

The Knife

The Ball

The Haunt

The Stone

The Rocky

The Rope

The Twister

The Stalker

The Explosive

The Invisible

Arc 2Edit

The Joker

The Phantom (not sealed in this arc)

The Unicorn (Re-sealed as a Moon Card in Chapter 68)

The Whip

The Heal

The Wolf

The Riddle (not sealed in this arc)

The Wave (not sealed in this arc)

Arc 3Edit

The Crystal

(The Phantom)

The Fate

The Age

(The Wave)

The Magician

The Fantasy (not sealed in this arc)

The Transform

The Obedience

The Poison

The Fortune

The Vengeance (not sealed in this arc)

(The Riddle)

The Plague

Arc 4Edit

The Decay

The Metal (Re-sealed as a Moon Card in Chapter 68)

The Memory (not captured)

The Veil

The Pride (Re-sealed in Chapter 67 after Sakura and Syaoran's reconciliation)

(The Fantasy)

(The Memory)

The Despair

The Animate

The Forge

The Jealousy

The Magnet

The Scent

The Insect

The Wrath