Kara Reed is the daughter of Leon Reed and former lover of Kai Mizuki. She is a descendant of Landon Reed, one of the Great Five, which was a circle of powerful magicians dating back to before Clow Reed. She was known as Karin Kamura when she attended Eitoukou Academy with Kai and Miho. She is a seer.

When Kara was fourteen, she ran away from home. At some point, she met Leiyun Li.


Kara is described as a very beautiful and mature woman. She is tall, slender, and has pale, short golden hair. Her eyes are a pale lavender with a glassy gaze. She has angelic features, which often contrasts with her dark, gothic style. She is said to slightly resemble Clow Reed, as they have the same sad half-smile.


Kara is very mysterious and difficult to read. She is jovial and teasing at times. Her personality is very similar to Kai's. She is very sharp and intelligent. She also can often be serious at times.