As of December 4, 2017, The New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura is divided into 4 main arcs, containing a prologue, 73 "official" chapters, and several "special" chapters. In total, it spans nearly 2 million words and is the longest known Cardcaptor Sakura fan-fiction.

Arc 1Edit


Chapter 1: The New Beginning

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Past

Chapter 3: Of Ghosts, Statues, and Quarrels

Chapter 4: The Camping Trip

Chapter 5: The Five Force Scroll

Chapter 6: First Meeting of Rivals (or Allies)

Chapter 7: Melody of Loneliness

Chapter 8: The Angel of Hallow's Eve

Chapter 9: The Ticket to the Winter Rhapsody

Chapter 10: Icy Barriers

Chapter 11: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye (To Yesterday)

Chapter 12: Till You Turn To Me

Chapter 13: The Twisted Winter Concert

Chapter 14: The Winter Wonderland

Chapter 15: Hang a Shining Star

Chapter 16: Running out of Time

Chapter 17: A Small World After All

Chapter 18: Stalked in New York

Chapter 19: Dazzling Countdown

Chapter 20: Picture the Past

Arc 2Edit

Chapter 21: Blown Away Roses

Chapter 22: No More Solitude

Chapter 23: Kaitou Magician and the Diamond Necklace

Chapter 24: The Mirror of Truth

Chapter 25: Parting Friends

Chapter 26: Living Together

Chapter 27: Galloping Through Thundercloud

Chapter 28: My Prince Will Come

Chapter 29: Never Want You To Hurt

Chapter 30: The Lone Thief of the Night

Chapter 31: Unraveled Secrets

Chapter 32: Believe Me When the Sun Rises

Chapter 33: Finding You

Chapter 34: Beyond the Widest Ocean

Chapter 35: It Must Rain

Chapter 36: For There To Be A Rainbow

New Trials Specials (Arc 2)Edit

Sakura's Birthday

Eron and Erika's Promise

Chiharu and Takashi: Sincerity

Syaoran's Special

Arc 3Edit

Chapter 37: Challenge of Friendship

Chapter 38: Identity Crisis

Chapter 39: Impulse

Chapter 40: The Fate Determined by the Stars

Chapter 41: Star-Crossed

Chapter 42: A Little Girl's Dream

Chapter 43: Not a Perfect World

Chapter 44: Like a Child

Chapter 45: The Silence of Darkness

Chapter 46: Spinner of Cobwebs

Chapter 47: Shredded Fantasy

Chapter 48: The Duel of the Sun and Moon

Chapter 49: Venomous Minds

Chapter 49.5: Words We Couldn't Say

Chapter 50: A Winter's Conundrum

Chapter 51: The Third Choice

Chapter 52: On the Night the Lone Wolf Calls

Chapter 53: Yesterday's Letter

New Trials Specials (Arc 3)Edit

Chapter 49.75: Christmas Special

Chpater 49.9: New Year's Eve Special

Arc 4Edit

Chapter 54: Cherry Blossom Branches Shake

Chapter 55: Platinum

Chapter 56: The Tea Party

Chapter 57: The Gathering

Chapter 58: Eternal Rivals

Chapter 59: Thundercloud

Chapter 60: Re-Memory

Chapter 61: Fantasia in Memoriam

Chapter 62: Designs in Crime

Chapter 63: The Joining of the Circle

Chapter 64: A Christmas Miracle

Chapter 65: Cohabitations, Part Deux

Chapter 66: The Truth in the Heart

Chapter 67: The Sacrifice

Chapter 68: Regeneration

Chapter 69: The Betrayal

Chapter 70: Eye of the Dragon

Chapter 71: Alliance of the Stars

Chapter 72: Almost Left Behind

Chapter 73: The Other Side of Midnight

New Trials Specials (Arc 4)Edit

Chapter 59.5: Halloween Special

Chapter 67.5: Valentine's Day Special -- The Ring

Other SpecialsEdit

The Legacy of the Five Forces

Kaitou Magician Origins