NT ch 6 Moonstone by AmethystBeloved

Moonstone, by Amethyst Beloved

"First Meeting of Rivals (or Allies)" is the sixth official chapter of The New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura, Syaoran, and Friends.

Plot Summary Edit

Sakura and Kero-chan were in the past again and were startled when Syaoran was with them. Kero-chan concluded that there was a type of connection that brought them together even when they were apart. They found themselves in Hong Kong in the House of Elders of the Li Clan and witnessed a man being given a mission to locate the Five Force Scroll in Clow Reed's old home and bring it back to China. Sakura, Syaoran and Kero-chan were then brought to Eriol's old house where they saw Nadeshiko sneaking in and then capturing the Scroll at the same time as a sapphire-eyed person who was a few years older than she was. They fought over it, but when Nadeshiko revealed that Clow Reed chose her to retrieve the item, the stranger was startled long enough for her to grab the scroll and run. After hitting a dead end, more fighting led to the scroll ripping. The young man slapped Nadeshiko, which infuriated her. The guardian of the Scroll, Moonstone, emerged and granted them his aid. The first thing they learnt was that they must work together and this appalled them both. They each kept one half of the Scroll and learned about their quest as they went along.

The next day Sakura, Syaoran and Kero-chan discussed their adventure with Tomoyo and determined that the man Nadeshiko bumped into in the flashback before was the same man who she fought with. Syaoran explained the Five Force Scroll by giving a history of the five magicians who had mastered in one of the five principles of magic. The five categories were power of the heavenly bodies, elemental power, sixth sense, contract magic, and power of dark and light.

New Trials Timeline: Eighth grade in September or October

Chapter released in Winter or Spring 2000 [1]

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