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"The Mysterious Past" is the second official chapter of The New Trials of Cardcaptor Sakura and Friends.

Plot SummaryEdit

The chapter starts off with Sakura and Kero-chan talking about the capture of the Knife. Kero is impressed with Sakura's ability to make a new spell and remarks that he will have to further investigate this occurrence. The next day, Syaoran completes his transfer to Tomoeda Junior High and notices Eron and Erika Chang for the first time. Erika, noting to himself to keep an eye on them. A week passes by since Syaoran's transfer, and Erika attempts to seduce him during PE class, ultimately failing. Ducking from view, Eron sends out a dark force, the Ball, which starts to fling dozens of soccer balls at Sakura and Syaoran and knocking everyone on the soccer field out cold. Releasing her staff, Sakura uses the Shield card for protection, without much avail. Syaoran then sends out the Time, which freezes the soccer balls in mid-air. Sakura then uses the Windy to fling the balls away. Concentrating on the center of the power, Sakura seals the Ball.

Syaoran and Sakura then decide to meet on the school rooftop to discuss the chaos of power occuring all around them. He then invites Sakura to his house for the next day in attempt to look over texts left by his father, Li Ryuuren, and investigate the new enemy. After school the next day, along with Syaoran beating Eron in a soccer match, Sakura and Syaoran (along with Kero-chan) walk over to his apartment to start researching old chinese texts, with which Syaoran helps out Sakura to read using a translation spell. Ready to give up after hours of failure, Syaoran stumbles upon a half-burnt diary by his father, giving the duo a look into his past. They find out that Li Ryuuren fought the Dark Ones along side Nadeshiko, Sakura's mother, that Ryuuren and Nadeshiko harbored some feelings for each other, that Ryuuren had left Japan on bad terms with Nadeshiko but then returned to mend their friendship before they both died. After researching, Sakura and Syaoran sleep through the night at his apartment and wake up late for school the next day, a stormy and rainy one at that. Arriving just barely on time, they meet Li Meilin, who has returned to Japan to watch over Syaoran in his fight against the enemy.

Cards CapturedEdit

The Ball

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